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Data Science Nigeria

We are Africa's leading Data Science and Artificial Intelligence organisation, committed to redefining the future. Our commitment is to raise 1 million AI talents and build AI solutions that improve the quality of life and well-being of 2 billion people in emerging markets.

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About Us

Established in 2016, Data Science Nigeria (DSN) is Africa’s foremost AI and Data Science organisation, taking charge in talent development and sector-specific solutions. As a leading community of AI professionals, enthusiasts, and beginners across Africa and beyond, including Anglophone and Francophone nations, our mission is to nurture 1 million AI talents.

We are not just shaping the workforce of tomorrow but also deploying AI solutions to enhance the lives of 2 billion people in emerging markets. Additionally, we drive the growth of AI startups and champion digital transformation across African organisations.

We are trusted by the world's best brands

Our Impact

Won “Best Paper Award” at ICLR 2024

Launched First of its kind AI for Beginners’ video in Hausa Language

DSN Geospatial visuals received Honourable Mention for Compelling Visuals for the Pale Blue Dot Visualisation Challenge

Co-facilitated the Nigeria National AI Strategy

Won the Luminate Grant to execute the AI Collective in Nigeria

Won the Nigerian AI Research Grant

Winner of AI/Machine Learning Excellence Award of Art & Technology Lagos 2023

Winner of Grand Challenge 2023. An initiative of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Over 14500 reference citations on

5 Products selected in the Global Top 100 AI Products by UNESCO IRCAI in 2021 & 2022


DSN AI Hub Located in Lagos Nigeria      

First AI Start-Up Hub and Research Centre

DSN EdTech AI-powered Adaptive & Personalised Learning

Edo State Data for Governance Platform

Our Solutions

Corporate Trainings

We offer professional development programs designed to help organisations enhance their workforce’s skills in data science and AI, ensuring they stay competitive in the rapidly evolving tech landscape.

AI Bootcamp

We deliver intensive, hands-on, project-based training sessions providing participants with practical skills and knowledge in AI, preparing them for real-world applications and career advancement in the AI industry.

AI Everyday

We are raising a generation of data scientists and AI experts from the ground up, guiding beginners through the basics of Python programming and machine learning, and introducing emerging skills for absolute novices.

AI Invasion

We drive inclusiveness, and accountable learning through community-focused events that promote ethical values and excellence by providing free training to thousands in Python and Machine Learning

AI Community

A vibrant network of AI enthusiasts and professionals who come together to share knowledge, collaborate on projects, and support each other’s growth in the AI field.

AI Mentorship

Personalised guidance from experienced AI mentors, offering support and advice to help individuals navigate their AI learning journey and achieve their career goals.


We have built innovative AI-driven products developed that solve real-world problems, showcasing cutting-edge technology and practical applications of Artificial Intelligence.


We produce award-winning and cutting-edge research projects aimed at advancing the field of AI, contributing to the global knowledge base, and fostering innovation in AI.

Featured Projects

Microsoft Training Program

Microsoft Training Program

Data Science Nigeria, in partnership with Microsoft, collaborates under the Federal Government of Nigeria's Digital Skills intervention...

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Arewa Ladies4Tech Project

Arewa Ladies4Tech Project

Arewa Ladies4Tech is an intervention of Data Science Nigeria/DSNai, also known as Data Scientists Network with the...

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EdoDiDa Project

EdoDiDa Project

EdoDiDa is the Edo Data for Governance platform that utilises end-to-end lifecycle data to inform decision-making, transforming...

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Our Community

We are a vibrant community of learners and professionals passionate about Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, spanning Anglophone and Francophone Africa, and extending beyond the continent.

Our Products

Our Annual Report

Explore the comprehensive Annual Report to gain insights into DSN’s accomplishments, leadership, mentorship, program highlights, and the profound impact we’ve made throughout the past year.


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Introduction to Data Science (Hausa)

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Data Analytic with Excel

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Introductory guide to Data and Analytics Engineering

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Data visualizations & storytelling using Power BI

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