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Transform Your Life and Career with AI Everyday

AI Everyday is our year-round intensive introduction to the world of data science and artificial intelligence. Designed as six-week intensive sprints, it is tailored for complete beginners.

This program offers free classes focusing on Python Programming and Machine Learning and related Data Science fields. Cohorts run continuously throughout the year in DSN AI+ Communities nationwide, culminating in a Kaggle competition to assess the skills acquired during the training.


During the course of this programme, participants will have

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What You Will Learn

During the course of this programme, participants will learn basic topics like

Python Programming



Data Analysis with Excel

Data Structures and Algorithms

Data Visualisation with Power Bi

Building a career in Data Science

Sampling Techniques


DSN is the community for anyone who wants to have a great career in data science and Machine learning as a whole.

“I am very happy to be a part of the Data Science Nigeria Community and committed to the vision of raising one million AI talents in ten years”

Taiwo Ajagunsegun


DSN communities and their programs are just wonderful, thanks to the help of these programs, workshops, hands-on sessions and tutorials I’ve found myself in this journey of Data Science.

Marvellous Alabi