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According to‘s latest 2023 data, only 22% of the ICT workforce comprises females. Data Science Nigeria (DSN) is steadfast in its commitment to promoting gender inclusion within the industry. Acknowledging the significance of diversity and representation, we are dedicated to cultivating an inclusive community that embraces professionals, enthusiasts, learners, and novices from diverse backgrounds.

At DSN, we firmly advocate that diversity fuels innovation and advancement. Hence, we endeavour to provide a platform where individuals of all genders feel empowered to pursue their interests in data science, artificial intelligence, and related domains. Our inclusive community not only offers valuable mentorship and guidance but also fosters collaboration and mutual support among its members.

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Network, learn, and collaborate at our dynamic meetups. Join us to connect with fellow tech enthusiasts and industry professionals!


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DSN AI Community

Mentorship opportunities

Unlock your potential with personalized guidance from industry experts. Our mentorship program offers invaluable support to help you navigate your career journey in tech.
DSN AI Community

Premium training content

Elevate your skills with exclusive access to high-quality training content. From cutting-edge technologies to industry best practices, our premium content ensures you stay ahead in tech.
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Internships & jobs

Launch your career with our extensive network of internship and job opportunities. Connect with top companies and kickstart your journey towards success in the tech industry.
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International conferences

Immerse yourself in the latest trends and innovations at international conferences. Join industry leaders, experts, and enthusiasts from around the world to exchange ideas and insights in tech.

Join Arewa Ladies4 Tech

Arewa Ladies4Tech, an intervention of Data Science Nigeria/DSNai, also known as Data Scientists Network is dedicated to empowering the extraordinary women of Northern Nigeria, inspiring them to lead, innovate, and shape a brighter future. Our program focuses on harnessing the potential of the evolving digital landscape, offering essential AI skills that unlock limitless opportunities in today’s fast-paced digital era.

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