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“If you want to go quickly, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” – African Proverb

Data Science Nigeria is Africa’s largest and fastest-growing AI learning community due to the passionate drive of AI+ Members continuously spreading AI knowledge and opportunities. As these AI talents continue to spread across the world, Data Science Nigeria will be supporting AI+ Members to set up AI+ Communities in every campus and city in Africa.

These AI+ Communities will be fully funded and supported by Data Science Nigeria and led by a local AI+ Community Lead to run community-based AI learning meet-ups, training, hackathons, research and product development for secondary school students, pre-university students, university/polytechnics students and professionals.

The AI+ Way

The AI+ Genotype is the heart of the DSN AI+ Community; It is an innate passion to be a universal donor and recipient of  AI knowledge. Our community members are committed to improving their AI knowledge and giving back to the community in the form of knowledge and opportunity sharing.

What makes our AI+ Communities different?

Read more about our AI+ Commnunities here.

The AI+ Community Lead Role

Driven to raise 1 million Al talents in 10 years, Data Science Nigeria extends its reach to cities and campuses to further its vision by having Al+ Leads in cities across Africa. The AI+ Leads will run with this vision by collaborating with professionals, institutions and hubs-with the support of Data Science Nigeria- to drive Data Science Nigeria projects as well as serve as agents of Al Knowledge democratization through Al+ Community, meetups, training and collaborations.

Responsibilities and Duties

Benefits for AI+ Community Leads

Requirements to be an AI+ Community Lead

The become an AI+ Community Lead, the applicant:

Kick start an AI+ Community in your city or campus anywhere across Africa.