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The AI+ for Kids is Data Science Nigeria’s AI+ Community for Primary and Junior Secondary School Students (Grades 4-8). This community is for kids between the ages 7 and 11 years old. The AI+ for Teens is Data Science Nigeria’s AI+ Community for students in Junior Secondary School 3 to Senior Secondary School 3. This community is for Teens between the ages 12 and 18 years old.
AI For Kids & Teens


Our Structure

Registered AI+ for Kids & Teens community members have access to free learning content, local meetups, meet enthusiasts with similar interests, grow their network, develop themselves in an inclusive environment with peers and stay up to date on all things Artificial Intelligence and Data Science.

What is in it for your child?

Who should join?

AI for Kids & Teens community is opened to all individuals within the range of 6-18 years. AI+ for Kids is for children within the range of 6-12yrs (Grade 4-8) while AI+ for Teens is for teenagers within the range of 13-18yrs(JSS3-SS3).

How do I join?

To register to join a stream for AI for Kids & Teens Community, Click the button below.

AI For Kids & Teens

Beginners' AI Book for Kids and Teens

A first of its kind book introducing kids to Artificial Intelligence. Empowering them with the skills of the present and future, providing them with the needed leverage to compete favourably on a global stage.