Data Science Nigeria

Our Products


Finchat is an AI-powered financial chatbot that helps individuals and small business owners take control of their finances.


uLearn is an AI-powered augmented learning platform that delivers interactive and personalized learning to Primary and Secondary school students, helping them achieve improved academic performances.


SpotOn uses Artificial Intelligence to discover, create and optimize opportunities for individuals, small, medium, and large businesses through highly localized on-ground truth and geographical nano-behaviours


Macrotutor is a tutors on-demand platform that allows schools and parents to request and engage qualified in-class tutors in STEM-based subjects and pay as convenient. Tutoring could be online or physical, depending on users’ preferences.


PrescribeWrite is an OCR-powered health platform that recognizes hand-written prescriptions, thereby reducing error in interpretation by patients in low-resourced communities.


AI Adaptive learning engine built on basic feature phones and SMS to support real-time learning. Currently supporting 8 millions learners with funding support by the Mastercard Foundation


NaLie is a real-time validation system that properly verifies text messages while ensuring data privacy in order to filter text-based financial fraud and fake messages. The aim is to proactively detect and prevent these types of text-based financial fraud and fake messages from successfully soliciting information and funds from unsuspecting users.


CV Ranker is used to rank the best CVs that match a given job description. A job description for a particular role is uploaded. Then, one or more CVs are also uploaded. The result is a ranking in descending order of how the various CVs match.