Data Science Nigeria

Our Platforms

Our Platforms

AI Bootcamp

The DSN AI bootcamp, an all-expenses-paid learning bootcamp that builds Africa’s capacity in the use of advanced machine learning and deep learning concepts and drives the application of AI for socio-economic development.
Our Platforms

AI Everyday

AI Everyday is our year-round intensive introduction to the world of data science and artificial intelligence. Designed as six-week intensive sprints, it is tailored for complete beginners.

AI Invasion

Data Science Nigeria offers free AI classes, also known as AI Invasion, in every city. These classes are targeted at beginners, aiming to reduce the barrier of entry into the fields of Data Science and Artificial Intelligence. The goal is to drive inclusiveness, fairness, and accountable learning, catalyzing community spirit, ethical values, and excellence.
AI Bootcamp

AI on Demand

Emerging technologies like Artificial Intelligence are completely revolutionizing the way we live, work and play. AI is likely to be part of our everyday lives, from helping doctors diagnose and treat patients, to autonomously driving automobiles and reducing the danger on our roads.

Data Science Nigeria (DSN) is at the fore in this space, both through her revolutionary community work of building #1million_AITalents_in_10_years and through work with clients to ensure they are well positioned and thrive in this new era.

AI For Kids & Teens

AI Kids & Teens

The AI+ for Kids is Data Science Nigeria’s AI+ Community for Primary and Junior Secondary School Students (Grades 4-8). This community is for kids between the ages 7 and 11 years old. The AI+ for Teens is Data Science Nigeria’s AI+ Community for students in Junior Secondary School 3 to Senior Secondary School 3. This community is for Teens between the ages 12 and 18 years old.

Arewa Ladies4Tech

Arewa Ladies4Tech, an intervention of Data Science Nigeria/DSNai, also known as Data Scientists Network is dedicated to empowering the extraordinary women of Northern Nigeria, inspiring them to lead, innovate, and shape a brighter future. Our program focuses on harnessing the potential of the evolving digital landscape, offering essential AI skills that unlock limitless opportunities in today’s fast-paced digital era.